Super Eagles Legend Offers Financial Advice To Present Day Players


Former Nigeria’s Super Eagles forward Brown Ideye has offered a piece of advice to the present-day players on how to manage their wealth.

Players going bankrupt after their careers has been a subject of discussion in recent times.

Ideye played for Ocean Boys in the Nigerian League before leaving for the foreign scene.

” It’s sad to see some players that made good money in football, flying Private Jet everywhere and refuse to listen to good advice end up in the gutter with no money to even buy God is Good transport ticket.

“Make sure you have a small circle, and make sure you have the right people around you always. Make sure you’re not trying to impress anyone, know what you want and don’t be afraid to say NO.

“Professional footballers home and abroad.

From the day you signed your first contract home or abroad just make sure you get yourself a financial adviser.

“You need someone to help you fix your money in the right place why you’re focused playing, life after retirement is very long”, he said.