Waldrum In Ecstasy As Falcons Train In Gold Coast


Head coach of the Super Falcons, Randy Waldrum has expressed optimism ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament billed for Australia and New Zealand, as he hails the talent level and training sessions of the team.

The 66-year-old coach, while speaking to the media team of the Super Falcons, expressed the good mood experienced in camp, and the level of training sessions managed so far at the Gold Coast Sports Center, Queensland.

“My assessment of the team’s camping sessions so far is really good, and the players are working hard.

“The talent level is good, and that makes me happy because the training sessions have been fun to watch.”

It is expected that the team may be under undue tension due to recent chaotic developments involving the team manager and the nation’s federation, but Waldrum was quick to establish the level of confidence and talent embedded in his Ladies.

“We have talent, and this is roughly day five in training, so we have more to do within the 12-day programme.

“If we can organize ourselves, especially defensively, we can take our opportunities to be successful in the competition. I believe in the players.

“I’m confident we can make it out of the group stage, and we know how important the first match will be to us.

“All the focus has been on Canada quite frankly, but we need to get something positive out of the game.

“It doesn’t mean if we don’t, it will be the end of our campaign, because I am also confident about the team’s spirit, and the players also believe we can do it.”

The former American Professional soccer player, now head coach of the Super Falcons, may be leading the team to their last competitive outing under his reign, as recent fallouts with the federation may spell drastic measures post-World Cup.