We Will Continue To Flush Out Bad Referees- NRA Boss


The president of the Nigerian Referee Association Sanni Zubair has insisted that they will continue to flush out bad referees and sanitize the league.

The body earlier in the season suspended 14 referees for poor officiating and bad conduct.

Zubair made the statement while speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria and further said they want the players to have full confidence in the match officials.

“Aside from the players, a referee has the utmost power to make or mar a match; we have put in place several measures to stand as deterrents.

“We don’t care who the godfather is; once the fact has been established that a referee has erred deliberately, such a person will face the full wrath of the law guiding principles of officiating.

“Our recent decision to punish some match officials shows that we’re not playing; we will do what we can to ensure that we flush out bad referees and make players confident in officiating 100 per cent,” he said.