Why I Chose United States Ahead Nigeria – Balogun


Arsenal loanee Folarin Balogun has finally opened up about the reason he decided to choose the United States at the expense of Nigeria.

The United States national team on Tuesday afternoon announced the acquisition of Balogun who is also eligible to represent England.

Balogun made it clear that it was his family that influence his decision.

“My decision to represent the United States came together with my family,” said Balogun.

“In the end, it became a no-brainer, but for sure it’s just something I wanted to do and it feels like I’m at home here.

To represent the United States means a lot, more than people would know. I’m very proud and honored to have this opportunity, and I want to give everything I have to make our team successful.”

“I think that’s when I saw the full force of the U.S. fans,” Balogun said.

“I was there and I just posted a photo with my friends thinking that it was just a holiday picture.

Before I knew it, I just saw loads of comments and people knew I was in America, and I just really felt the love from there.

There’s been a lot of build-up, so I’ve seen people saying that I should choose to represent the U.S. and it’s just something I’m really happy that I’ve decided to do.”