World cup streaming service block in Saudi Arabia

  1. Fans in Saudi Arabia have been unable to watch all of the World Cup after a streaming service was blocked by the country’s government.

Tod TV, owned by Qatar-based broadcaster beIN SPORTS, holds the rights to the tournament In Saudi with 22 matches free-to-air.

But 42 can only be watched via a streaming service, that was blocked an hour before the opening ceremony.

The Saudi Media Ministry told viewers the service violated regulations.

Saudi Arabia came from behind to beat two-time winners Argentina 2-1 in their opening match in what is one of the biggest shocks in World Cup history.

Tod has written to advertisers on its platform explaining that it is “experiencing an outage which is currently impacting” its service.

The service also sent a message to viewers saying the situation was due to “matters beyond our control”.

Subscribers have complained on social media about the issue.