Young Africans Allege Match-Fixing In Champions League Tie With Sundowns


Young Africans of Tanzania have submitted a letter of complaint to the Confederation of African Football (Caf).

They are claiming that there might have been match-fixing and an administrative error during their Champions League quarterfinal match against Mamelodi Sundowns at Loftus on Friday.

The match ended with Sundowns winning 3-2 on penalties after both teams were unable to score in two legs.

During the match at Loftus, there was a moment of controversy in the second half when a goal by Stephane Aziz Ki was disallowed.

The disallowed goal seemed to be legitimate. The spotlight is now on Mauritanian referee Dahane Beida, who officiated the match. After the game, Yanga coach Miguel Gamondi questioned the decision of the referee not to use the VAR monitor to watch the incident before making a ruling.

Young Africans released a statement on Saturday, indicating that they intend to contest the match due to possible administrative errors and match-fixing. They are also requesting an investigation into the matter.