Armed clashes in S. Sudan worsens “dire” situation: UN


October 4, 2021 (NEW YORK) – The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) says that it is deeply concerned over clashes this weekend between armed groups in Kacuat area of Warrap State, in which at least 35 people were killed, dozens more injured and hundreds displaced from their homes.

Map of South Sudan showing Warrap state in red

The intercommunal conflict occurred among the Thiik and Luachjang communities of Tonj East and the Lou Paher of Tonj North County on Sunday.

In a statement issued Monday, Farhan Haq, the deputy spokesperson to the UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutterres said the weekend clashes are linked to cattle raids and revenge attacks.

“This is worsening an already dire humanitarian situation,” he explained.

Haq said UNMISS has set up a temporary base in Marial Lou area of Warrap to help deter violence, despite logistical challenges due to heavy flooding.

“The mission is also supporting reconciliation and peacebuilding efforts, including holding conferences to resolve border and land disputes, tensions over pastures and water points, and the proliferation of small arms among civilians,” he said.

The mission is reportedly also helping to bolster legal institutions in the area, such as mobile courts, to hold those responsible for the violence accountable.


Source: sudantribune