Civilian forces say ready to protect transition, Burhan dismisses coup rumours


September 26, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – Representatives of the civilian component announced their readiness to defend the democratic transition and confront the military leaders, while Abdel Fattah al-Burhan reiterated they have no intention to seize power.

On Sunday, hundreds of activists flocked to the headquarters of the Empowerment Removal Committee to protect it, after the withdrawal of the security forces tasked with the protection of the committee’s premises and 22 facilities confiscated from the leaders of the ousted regime. Also, the military withdrew the guards of the Spokesman of the Sovereignty Council and the head of the removal committee, Mohamed al-Faki.

This escalation has been perceived as part of a plan to seize power by the army after the refusal of the military component to protect strategic economic facilities in eastern Sudan.

In his speech to the activists at the crowded headquarters of the committee which was the former Sudanese parliament, al-Faki thanked them for responding quickly to their call to protect the committee, stressing that this shows the strength of the revolutionary tide in the country.

“This Holy Place, where Sudan’s independence was declared, will be a centre for confrontation operations if they want it,” he said to the galvanised supporters.

He pointed out that the meeting room will be open throughout the day for the resistance committees, political forces and unions to prepare, coordinate and daily political discussion, stressing that they are “ready for any adventure with uncalculated consequences, and for anyone who thinks of altering the Constitutional Document.”

He went further to say he was not afraid after the withdrawal of his bodyguards pointing that the masses protect him.

Al-Faki’s speech was repeatedly interrupted by the crowd chanting slogans such as “The army is the army of Sudan, the army is not the army of al-Burhan. All the streets would be blocked in a moment when they receive orders. Oh you who is ready to defend the country, prepare your coffin.”

The remarks by the different orators and slogans chanted by the crowd recalled the popular mobilization outside the army headquarters when the army seized power and refused to hand it to the revolutionary forces in April 2019.

Also, the Forces for Freedom and Changes (FFC) held a meeting at the headquarters of the Empowerment Removal Committee to discuss the recent developments and determine the way forward.

In their remakes at the opening session attended by the media, the FFC leaders reaffirmed their support to the democratic transition and called to adhere to the Constitutional Document, preserving the country’s security, and implementing the security reforms.

They expressed their support for the Empowerment Removal Committee and hope that they would not need to stage a new uprising after the December revolution.

Al-Buran committed to democratic transition

Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Sunday renewed his keenness on the country’s unity and the consensus of political forces, stressing that this unity is the only way to safeguard the country.

Speaking before the army senior officers, al-Burhan stressed that the armed forces are keen to complete the transitional process leading to building a state of freedom, peace and justice.

He emphasized that the army should stay far from political polarization.

“what is rumoured about the intention of the armed forces to carry out a coup is pure fabrication,” he further said.

He repeated that the armed forces were the ones who thwarted the recent coup attempt.

Hamdok calls for patriotism

The Prime Minister who leads the transitional government sought to contain the crisis and held a lengthy meeting with the Chairman of the Sovereign Council al-Burhan, but the outcome of the meetings was not disclosed.

After the meeting, he stated that the current conflict is not between military and civilians, but between those who believe in the democratic civil transformation, and who seek to obstruct it.

He added that the unity of the revolutionary forces is the guarantee to immunize the transition from all the threats it faces.

“I call on all parties to strictly adhere to the Constitutional Document, to stay away from unilateral positions, to bear their full responsibility, and to be armed with a high patriotic spirit that advances the interests of our country and our people over everything else,” he added.


Source: sudantribune