Kiir's birth place, unified military training centers flooded


September 30, 2021 (JUBA) – South Sudan’s president Salva Kiir’s birth place and training centers for the unified forces in Warrap state are flooded due to the heavy downpour and overflow of the river in the area.

The map of Warrap state in red

This has resulted in to the suspension of trainings in camps and displacement of people from homes.

The minister of humanitarian affairs and disaster management said Kiir’s residence in Warrap state was hit by heavy downpour and the water continue to occupy the house, causing displacement of people and animal residing in the property of the first family.

“The issue of floods is becoming a national issue. We are getting reports from all the corners of the country and the reports we are getting now shows that more than half of the country is submerged by water even the house of his excellency the president of the republic at his home village has been taken over by water which continue to occupy it”, said Peter Mayen Majongdit.

The water, according to the minister, has displaced people and animals.

South Sudan’s information minister Michael Makuei also told reporters on Thursday that the training camps of the unified forces in Upper Nile state have been submerged by water and have asked the deputy minister of defense to rescue the situation and find a new place where the training centers will be relocated in the area so that training activities are not interrupted. Makuei said soldiers in the training centers have moved to places on higher ground as authorities are trying to find place for them.

The South Sudanese leader told a woman caucus of his ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) last week that his home village had been taken by water resulting from the continued heavy rainfall the country has been experiencing.

“Now this year it has rained heavily, and floods have destroyed the whole country even the place where I was born is now in the water. All of us here let us think of how to come out of this crisis. Let’s leave the fighting and leave anything and let us work together so that we get out of the crisis we face,” said Kiir.

Kiir said it was time to stop fighting and begin to pay attention to things that were affecting people in the country

“If we can bring our brothers, we will talk like the sitting here today not that there will be fighting and it is because of conflict that our country remained undeveloped,” he added. He urged the women to work towards designing a strategy.


Source: sudantribune