New crisis erupts between Sudan's FFC and military component


October 1, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – A new conflict erupted on Friday between the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) and the military component in Sudan after a directive from the Sovereignty Council to invite the diplomatic corps to a ceremony announcing a new political alliance.

The Sudan Liberation Movement of Minni Minnawi (SLM-MM), Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) of Gibril Ibrahim and some political groups will launch a new alliance under the name of the FFC on Saturday.

In a letter shared on social media, the Secretariat of the Sovereign Council directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to invite the diplomatic missions in Sudan to attend the ceremony.

Following the spread of the letter, the Secretariat of the Sovereignty Council issued a short statement saying that the invitation was made at the request of Minni Minawi.

But the latter, in a tweet, denied requesting the Sovereign Council to invite the diplomatic corps.

For its part, the FFC Central Council released a statement denying any connection with the invitation.

Activists on social media pointed an accusing finger to the military component saying they back the two armed groups to weaken the ruling alliance.

Some others recalled al-Burhan’s statements saying a “small group of political groups wants to control the transition” before pledging to involve a large number of political forces.

Sadiq Adam Ismail, a member of the FFC Central Council accused the military component of seeking to create a new crisis in the country.

Saturday’s meeting is “an attempt to create a constitutional and political crisis, but it will not succeed,” Ismail told the Sudan Tribune on Friday.

He acknowledged that the new alliance includes two groups that signed the historical Declaration of Freedom and Change in 2019, before breaking any.

“But this does not mean the end of the historical alliance, which has institutions and regulations,” he added.

“The military component should stay away from the differences between the political forces. Also, the remarks of Sovereign Council Chairman Abdel Fattah al-Burhan about hijacking the FFC is meaningless,” he stressed.

Al-Burhan recently spoke about the control of the transitional process by a small group of political forces.

Besides JEM and SLM-MM, the new FFC faction includes an SPLM-N faction led by Khamis Jalab, Mohamed Ali Quraishi, head of the Third Front, Tamazuj, al-Amin Daoud, ex-head of the Popular Front for Liberation and Justice and other groups.

A train full of supporters to the civilian-led transition arrived on Friday in Khartoum from Atbara as unidentified people sabotaged twice the railways to prevent demonstrators from taking part in a pro-democracy demonstration that gathered thousands of people on Thursday.


Source: sudantribune