Political crisis paralyzed constitutional transitional bodies in Sudan: Idris


October 3, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – Hadi Idris a Transitional Sovereign Council Member called on Sunday to overcome the political crisis between the Council members saying that it had disrupted the work of the collegial body, and paralyzes other constitutional mechanisms.

Following the failed coup of 21 September, a political crisis erupted between the transitional government components over the stalled implementation of the reforms including the security sector.

“After the coup attempt, polarization and divisions disrupted the meetings of the Sovereign Council, the Security and Defence Council, and the interim parliament,” he disclosed in a press conference on the first anniversary of the Juba Peace Agreement.

He pointed out that this polarization is harmful and will affect the peace implementation process and the achievements of the transitional government, “if it is not resolved.”

The military component in the Sovereign Council suspended the joint meetings with the civilian partners to express their anger from the Council member Mohamed al-Faki who publicly quarrelled with al-Burhanrecently.

Al-Burhan’s Deputy Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo aka “Hemedti” stated that he would not sit with al-Faki at the same table “without reconciliation.”

It was purported that al-Burhan refuses to participate in the meetings of the Sovereign Council or take part in any joint meeting attended by al-Faki and requests to remove him.

Idris commented on the establishment of a new faction of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) saying the move was inopportune.

However, he admitted the split within the FFC, adding that “those who believe in the revolution and civil democratic transformation will not defect.”

Putschist mentality

In a related development, Siddiq Tawer, a Member of the Sovereign Council on Saturday slammed al-Burhan and his deputy for suspending the meetings of the Council.

Asked by BBC TV Arabic on Saturday about al-Burhan statements that the army is the “Guardian of the revolution”, Tawer said such statements “come from those with a putschist mentality”.

He further condemned the suspensions of the Council meetings adding it was caused by al-Burhan and his deputy Hemetti.

“They must be convinced that things cannot be managed in this way, and they must abide by what is stipulated in the Constitutional Document,” he said after naming them.

He added that this behaviour has no justification and is harmful to the country, which is facing several problems, as he said


Source: sudantribune