Security Council condemns Sudan's coup attempt


September 22, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – The United Nations Security Council condemned the failed coup in Sudan and voiced its support to the civilian-led government.

The attempt took place on Tuesday morning while a tribal leader in eastern Sudan affiliated with the former regime led a protest movement aiming to disturb the national economy.

“The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the attempt on 21 September to disrupt Sudan’s transition by force,” reads a statement issued on Wednesday.

The 15 members further “reiterated their full support to Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok in his endeavours to see Sudan through a successful transition” towards a democratic and prosperous future.

Hamdok and the civilian forces in Sudan said the coup was orchestrated and implemented by military elements belonging to the former regime and directed their criticism to the military complement in the transitional authority for its rejection to reform the army and sack these elements.

The statement urged the Sudanese parties to engage constructively with the national initiative known as “The National Crisis and Issues of the Transition – The Way Forward”, and further encouraged Sudan’s civilian and military actors to remain committed and continue working in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration to achieve the goal of Sudan’s inclusive transition as outlined in the Constitutional Document and the Juba Peace Agreement.

They further expressed their solidarity with the Sudanese and reiterated their readiness to support Sudan during the transition.


Source: sudantribune