South Sudan: 27 Die during Communal Violence


Governor Abudhok Anyang revealed that at least 27 people have been killed in separate villages this month in Fashoda and Panyikang Counties of Upper Nile state following attacks by armed men believed to have come from neighboring Jonglei State.

It was gathered that earlier this month, thousands of Gawaar White Army who are said to have joined the political conflict between opposition commanders in the oil-rich state in support of General Simon Gatwech Dual attacked several villages in Fashoda and Panyikang killing dozens of people.

Speaking on Wednesday evening, Upper Nile State Governor Abudhok Anyang said the attack has resulted in the killing of at least twenty-four (24) people as well as the death of three (3) people who he said drowned in the river Nile while on the run.

“The total number of the people who have lost their lives since this senseless attack is now 27. Among the 27 are 3 people who drowned in the Nile while 24 people were intentionally killed. So, this is the entire statistic that we have for now,” Governor Abudhok said.

The top government official further said that the number of the people who died might be higher given the lack of proper communication means in the state and said that authorities were still investigating and will update the number accordingly.

He explained:

“Up to now as I said, those who died are 27, but the government of Upper Nile State is investigation and is reaching out to remote villagers to understand if there are any deaths as result of this attack which have not been reported.”

“So, once we find out, we will update the public accordingly. It is a very unfortunate situation and it is sad that after signing the peace agreement, our people have continued to die but the government in Juba has not taken any measures to help.”