South Sudanese mediator in Khartoum to discuss resumption of peace talks


September 28, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – South Sudanese Chief Mediator Tut Gatluak arrived in Khartoum on Tuesday to discuss with the transitional government the resumption of peace talks with the SPLM-North led by Abdel Aziz al-Hilu.

On June 15, the mediation suspended the negotiations between the government and the SPLM-N l-Hilu following their failure to agree on the framework agreement.

“My visit to Khartoum came upon the directive of President Salva Kiir to discuss the schedule of next rounds of negotiations between the government and the SPLM to achieve peace,” Gatluak told reporters in Khartoum.

He added he would also review the progress in the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement signed between the transitional government and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) on October 3, 2020.

Referring to the recent strife between the civilian and military components, he expressed his concern about the recent developments in Khartoum, stressing that they trust “the ability of the Sudanese to address their issues and reach solutions that satisfy all the Sudanese parties.”

South Sudan was directly affected by the closure of a terminal on the Red Sea by a tribal group preventing the exportation of its oil to the international market. The military who had refused to protect the oil facility agreed with the protesters to reopen the terminal.


Source: sudantribune