Sudan calls for dialogue to amend relations between Algeria, Morocco


August 28, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – Sudan has called for dialogue between Algeria and Morocco to resolve their difference and to reestablish bilateral ties.

On 24 August, Algeria cut diplomatic relations with Morocco, citing “hostile actions”, but Morrocc rejected the “fallacious allegations”.

The Sudanese foreign ministry said deeply concerned about the recent developments between the “brothers” in two northern Africa countries.

“Sudan calls on the two parties to reach a friendly and positive settlement and to turn this crisis into a real opportunity for solidarity and cooperation to achieve common interests,” reads a statement released by the ministry.

Bilateral relations between the neighbour have been strained for decades due to the Western Sahara issue.

Also, Algerian Foreign Minister Ramdane Lamamra accused Morocco of using Pegasus Israeli spyware against its officials. Also, he accused Morocco of supporting a separatist group in the Kabylia region.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the Arab League, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt in separate statements called for “dialogue” between the two neighbouring countries.

In the same trend, the United Nations Secretary-General encouraged the two Algeria and Morocco to find “a way forward to mend relations”. Also, France attached to “to deepening ties and dialogue between nations of the region to consolidate stability and prosperity”.


Source: sudantribune