Sudan opens 4th camp for Ethiopian refugees


August 8, 2021 (GEDAREF) – Sudan opened the fourth camp for Ethiopian refugees who continue to cross into Sudan fleeing war in their country.

“The locality has opened a new centre to accommodate Ethiopian refugees,” the Executive Director of Basenda Mamoun Al-Daw told the Sudan Tribune on Sunday.

The centre is the fourth of its kind, as the three refugees camps are overcrowded.

Al-Daw said that the new centre will be dedicated to the Gumuz and Komint nationalities, as it will accommodate 2,500 refugees in the first phase.

The new centre is located in the Basenda locality, near the Amhara region.

Al-Daw said that there are 50,000 refugees on their way to Basenda, coming from seven areas in the Amhara region.

The high wave of displacement was caused by “the security turmoil and military operations between the Komint and the Amhara nationalities on the one hand, and between the Gumuz and the Amhara on the other,” he said.

The local official added that there are over three thousand Komint refugees residing in the southern Taya area because they have a large number of cows and livestock.

The Sudanese local official pointed out that Basenda locality faces a severe shortage of drinking water, shelter equipment and food, as a result of the delay of organizations and donors in providing humanitarian services.


Source: sudantribune