Sudan PM, communists exchange views over transitional process


August 12, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) said agreed with the prime minister to continue dialogue over ways to implement the goals of the revolution.

The Sudanese communists organised protests and called to overthrow the transitional government denouncing the IMF supported economic reforms implemented by Hamdok.

Also, the left party blames the government for the slow pace in its efforts to achieve peace and justice in the country.

Upon Hamdok’s request, the leaders of the communist party on Tuesday met the prime minister and his political adviser Yasir Arman to discuss their position from the government and how to address the challenges facing the implementation of the revolution’s goals.

Speaking to the Sudan TV on Wednesday, Siddiqui Kabbalo an SPC leading member who was part of the delegation that met Hamdok, said the two sides exchanged views on their respective positions

Kabbalo further that the Prime Minister put forward again his initiative to reunite the Forces for Freedom and Changes (FFC) despite their written response in this respect demanding to change the government programme before.

“We talked about laws and transitional justice, about our differences with the government regarding economic policies, trade unions laws, and the issues of the people who had been sacked by the former regime,” he added.

With regard to the reintegration of civil servants that had been relieved by the previous regime, he emphasized that the decisions of the cabinet had not been implemented.

“We see that the government is not fulfilling its duties during the transitional period,” he said pointing that some of its policies they do not agree with and some others the government is very slow in its enforcement.

Peace talks

Kabalo criticized the government’s approach in the talks with the SPLM-N led by Abdel Aziz al-Hilu. He said the first round of talks on the framework agreement despite the signing of declarations of principles with Hamdok and the Head of the Sovereign Council al-Burhan which paved the way for peace.

“The government must send to these negotiations someone who holds its views. I mean that it should be represented by someone who is convinced of the agreements reached by the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Sovereign Council with the al-Hilu movement,” he said.

It was not clear if he was referring to the head of the government negotiating team Chems al-Din Kabbashi or not.

In a statement released after the meeting, the cabinet of the prime minister the two parties had frank discussions and agreed to follow up the dialogue to reach what serves the interests of the Sudanese people.


Source: sudantribune