Sudan seizes weapons shipped from Ethiopia


September 5, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese authorities on Sunday seized 72 boxes of Russia made weapons that arrived in Khartoum from Addis Ababa via Ethiopian Airlines.

The Empowerment Removal Committee tasked with dismantling the former Islamist regime said that it had informed the relevant authorities that a shipment of weapons was on its way to the country from Addis Ababa and it would arrive on Saturday.

Wajdi Saleh a member of the Committee stated that the weapons arrived in Ethiopia from Russia in May 2019.

He added that Ethiopian authorities had seized the weapons for the past two years, before authorizing its shipment to Khartoum recently.

According to Saleh, the 72 boxes contain weapons and night-vision goggles, were “destined to be used in crimes against the state, impeding the democratic change, and preventing the transition to the civil state”.

The official news agency said investigations are underway about these weapons, adding that this shipment may be linked to the dissolved Popular Security of the banned National Congress Party.


Source: sudantribune