Sudanese army foils coup attempt by Islamist officers


September 21, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – Islamist officers in the Sudanese army tried to seize power in Khartoum on Tuesday morning but their attempted coup has been foiled.

Military and civilian Sudanese officials confirmed the aborted coup but until now the transitional government did not issue a statement about the situation.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Member of the Sovereign Council Mohamed al-Faki who is also its spokesman issued a short call on social media to the Sudanese to take to the street to “protect the democratic transition.”

Later, in a second post, he reassured the public saying the situation is under control.

Sources say the military intelligence identified the putschist elements in several corps of the Sudanese army and arrested them except the Armoured Corp.

The headquarters of this army is now surrounded by the army because some of them are retrenched inside its building. Some reports speak about ongoing negotiations with them to convince them to surrender.

Names of several Islamists officers in the army have been circulated but there are no official confirmations.

The military component in the transitional government did not purge the army from the Islamists officers hoping that the esprit de corps would prevail and support the democratic change.

The coup aimed at controlling the Sudanese Army General Command, the official radio, television buildings, and the bridges linking the three parties of the capital Khartoum.


Source: sudantribune