Sudanese Communist Party accuses military component of job discrimination


August 30, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) accused the military component of the Sovereign Council of seeking to prohibit the employment of its members in the civil service.

“The military component and those around it instigate an employment ban on the communists in civil service, especially in the ministries of finance and foreign affairs,” SCP Spokesman Fathi Fadl told the Sudan Tribune.

He pointed out that about 100 to 120 of its members who work in the ministries of foreign affairs, finance, health and education are subjected to restrictions because of their political affiliation.

The matter was on the agenda of a meeting they held with Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok last Saturday.

In addition, they handed over a letter including the names of the harassed members who pledged to take the needful.

“Attempting to politicize the civil service and attacking the communist workers can turn into a sword directed at any unwanted servant who by the influential parties in power,” he said.

Fadl said that the applicants for the foreign ministry were surprised that the civil service interviews included a direct question: “Are you a communist or not?”

The Sudanese Communist Party criticized the economic reforms implemented by the transitional government and is no longer part of the ruling coalition Forces for Freedom and Change.

However, Hamdok has engaged a political dialogue with the left party with the hope that they would change their mind and back his government again.


Source: sudantribune