Sudanese doctors resign from autopsy panel to protest prosecution's meddling


August 18, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – Sudanese doctors resigned from an autopsy committee to protest the burial of bodies of people killed during the protests without identification.

In a resignation letter seen by the Sudan Tribune sent to Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok and Mohamed al-Faki a member of the Sovereign Council representing the civilian component, the four forensic doctors denounced the meddling of the general prosecution in their activities.

“We fear of not being able to perform our work impartially,” said the resigned doctors from the autopsy committee.

We discovered, “change in the pins of the bodies in the mortuary, this means the possibility of replacing these bodies with missing persons to be buried outside the framework of the law,” reads the letter handed over on Wednesday.

They went further to say that a committee appointed by the interim Attorney General had buried 23 bodies on July 11, “without performing the identification process,” despite the recommendations of forensic reports not to bury that bodies.

The resignation letter said that Prosecutor Mohamed Abdallah who is appointed by the interim general attorney, “insisted on burying the 23 bodies before completing the identification.”

“Also, he replaced the pin numbers of the bodies in a way that created mistrust, and led to questioning his intentions.”

Families of the victims killed by the security forces accuse the military component of the Sovereign Council and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militiamen of seeking to cover the crimes committed against the pro-democracy protesters since April 2019.

They are hostile to the interim general attorney appointed by the RSF Commander and Deputy Head of the Sovereign Council during al-Burhan’s presence in Paris last to participate in a conference on Sudan.

The ruling coalition of Forces for Freedom and Change this week met with members of the Sovereign Council to urge the appointment of a new General Attorney.


Source: sudantribune