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Al-Shabaab Siege on Mogadishu Hotel Leaves Six Civilians Dead

Six civilians lost their lives and ten others were injured during a six-hour siege conducted by Al-Shabaab militants at a popular beachside hotel in...

Al-Shabaab Launches Attack on Ethiopian Military Base in Somalia

In a brazen assault, the terrorist group Al-Shabaab targeted a military base manned by Ethiopian troops in Somalia on Wednesday, resulting in injuries to...

Ugandan Soldiers Survive Six-Day Hideout from Al-Shabab, Military Reports

In a harrowing ordeal, Ugandan soldiers managed to survive for six days while hiding from al-Shabab militants who had overrun their base in Bulo...

Al-Shabaab kill 10 civilians in Mogadishu House Attack

Al-Shabaab fighters attacked a house in Somalia's capital Mogadishu on Tuesday, killing ten civilians, the government said. The raid took place around 1200 GMT in...
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