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African Union Addresses Integration Issues At Conference

The African Union (AU) convened on Sunday in Ghana to address issues related to African integration and to establish a unified stance before engaging...

AU Urges Senegal To Hold Presidential Election As Soon As Possible

Days after Senegal’s President Macky Sall announced that the February 25 presidential election would be delayed following complaints, the African Union (AU) has urged...

AU Urges Dialogue Between ECOWAS, Junta-Led States

The African Union (AU) on Tuesday called for dialogue between the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and junta-led countries of Niger, Mali...

AU, EU, US Calls For Immediate Cease-Fire, Dialogue In Sudan

The African Union, European Union, and the United States have called for an immediate cease-fire and constructive dialogue between warring factions in Sudan. The organisations...

UN, AU Agree To Find New Ways To Finance Peacekeeping Missions

The peace and security bodies of the United Nations and the African Union have agreed to find new ways to finance peacekeeping missions. At their...

G20 Reportedly Agrees To Grant Permanent Membership To African Union

The Group of 20, comprising the world’s richest and most powerful countries, will grant membership to the African Union, sources said on Thursday. The move...

African Union suspends Niger, demands restoration of constitutional order

The African Union on Tuesday suspended Niger from all of its institutions and activities following last month’s coup “until the effective restoration of constitutional...

Niger President’s supporters protest, AU, ECOWAS condemn coup plot

An attempted coup was underway Wednesday in the fragile state of Niger Republic, where members of the Presidential Guard detained President Mohamed Bazoum, triggering...

AU postpones Tunisia meeting following racist attacks

The African Union has postponed a conference that was due to take place in Tunisia this month, after criticism over a government crackdown and...

Nigerian President urges AU to find solutions to Libyan crisis

Nigerian President, Muhammad Bukhari called on the African Union countries to find sustainable solutions to the crisis that Libya is going through. He said this...
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