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Ethiopia Govt Condemns Suspension of Food Aid by WFP and USAID

In a recent development, the Ethiopian government has strongly criticized the suspension of food aid to the country by the United States and the...

US halts Food Aid to Ethiopia amidst ‘Widespread’ Theft Concerns

In response to the discovery of a "widespread and coordinated campaign" aimed at stealing food contributions, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)...

Hundreds of refugees cross into western Ethiopia from Sudan every day

Hundreds of people fleeing the fighting in Sudan cross the main border post at Metema in western Ethiopia every day. Around 15,000 people from sixty...

Ethiopia Arrests 47 Suspected of Plotting to Overthrow PM Abiy’s Government

Ethiopian security forces have arrested 47 individuals suspected of attempting to overthrow the federal government led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The Ethiopian Joint Security...

Ethiopia to recruit 500,000 women for domestic work in Saudi Arabia

According to some revealed administrative documents Ethiopia plans to recruit as many as half a million women between the ages of 18-40, to send...

Ethiopia Disarms Regional Militias Despite Protests

The Ethiopian government's announcement on Sunday that it has successfully disarmed regional militias as part of its efforts to restore stability in the country...

11 Ethiopian migrants die in Somalia accident

Six women and five men from Ethiopia are known to have died in a road accident in Somalia, the International Organization for Migration (IOM)...

Post-war Relief: US Promises $331M To Ethiopia

The United States has promised Ethiopia $331 million in humanitarian aid to help heal the war-torn Horn of Africa country. According to the US Secretary...
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