3 Kenyan Police Officers Arrested Over Alleged Kidnap Of Chinese National


Three Kenyan police officers have been arrested over allegations that they were involved in the kidnapping for ransom of a Chinese national.

The officers are attached to the General Service Unit (GSU), a paramilitary police wing.

They are accused of ambushing the Chinese man as he drove to work on 8 January, handcuffing him and driving him away.

The officers then violently robbed the foreigner before releasing him, police say.

Authorities are also searching for a Chinese national believed to be the leader of the kidnapping ring.

“The mastermind called the victim’s family back in China demanding an unestablished amount of ransom which was wired to a bank account in China,” the police shared on X.

“After the money was deposited, the gang’s accomplices in China confirmed that the family had complied, and the victim was released”.

Police say that the incident “has unearthed an international criminal ring whose targets are well-picked after a background check on their financial muscles”.

Kenyan authorities are working with Interpol to locate the accomplices in China.