Anita Joseph expresses disappointment in Nollywood


Anita Joseph is a little disappointed in Nollywood and has made her feelings known.

The actress took to her Instagram page to call out the industry in a new video she posted on her page.

Anita Joseph-Olagunju who was watching a movie as at the time she recorded the clip, expressed disappointment in the way Nollywood portrays ghosts, especially the manner they appear.

She drew the comparison with Hollywood noting how this was well done in the movie she was seeing unlike in Nigerian films where ghosts take public transportation to get to a place and other things. See the caption and the video below:

“I’m Nollywood oh but. Nollywood my Nollywood biko Kwa nu. I no wan dey ghost enter keke even bring pizza for person nooooo na MBA ekwerom.”

Watch video here