Diamond Platnumz Hangs Out With Shakib As Zuchu Shares Moments With Zari


Zari Hassan, who shares children with Diamond Platnumz, pleasantly surprised everyone by hosting Zuchu, Diamond’s current girlfriend, at her South African home.

This unexpected and seemingly harmonious gathering comes hot on the heels of Diamond’s extravagant surprise birthday bash for Zuchu.

The celebration continued with an enchanting hot air balloon ride, revealing breathtaking scenery that left Zuchu in awe.

Adding to the surprise, Diamond’s baby mama, Zari Hassan, took to Instagram to share her own unexpected twist.

Zari welcomed Zuchu into her South African home, showcasing an unexpected gathering that included her husband Shakib Cham, Diamond, and Zuchu

In response to Zari’s endearing comment, Zuchu expressed her admiration for the mother of five, affectionately referring to her as ‘Mama tee.’