Ghanaian musician, Sister Derby reveals she made money from breakup with Medikal


Ghanaian-Romanian TV presenter and musician, Deborah Owusu-Bonsu, Known by her stage name Sister Derby, has disclosed that she made money from her break up with Rapper Medikal

The 38-year-old Model dated the Ghanaian rapper before their split in 2018 and the breakup turned out to be more dramatic as it emerged that Medikal has started dating Fella Makafui who is now married to the ‘AMG’ rapper.

Amidst the split, Sister Derby released a single she titled ‘Kakalika Love’. Justifying the song that intensified their breakup, the model said her ability to move away from depression and make money out of a bad situation triggered some women.

“Sadly, a lot of women were angry that I was happy, I had a hit song and was doing promotions where I was giving out GH1000 every week because we were sponsored by someone who really loved the song and believed in the brand. I saw and heard that fellow women were angry…angry that I wasn’t depressed,” she said.

In an interview with Sika Osei, she added that “no matter what life throws at you, make something positive from it. For example, when I went through a major public breakup and then I released ‘Kakalika Love’. Wanlov said that was the right time to release ‘Kakalika Love’… I had already recorded ‘Kakalika Love’…I was waiting for the right moment but then I didn’t want people to say I was responding and going back and forth”.

She continued that: “I won’t join people down there, come on. There is a way to do it…Adele made a whole album about her break up…we too we made cedis and pesewas (laughs)…other people will go through a bad breakup and be depressed, sad and cry about it which a lot of people wanted to see me go through it.”