Health, education separate rich countries from poor ones, says Obi


The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi, has said what makes the difference between rich and poor countries remains in their investments in education and health sectors of their economy.

He noted that Nigeria’s rating of 163 out of 191 on the global Human Development Index was unacceptable.

This, he pledged to reverse if elected President next year.

Obi said this while responding to questions on the Arise TV Presidential Town Hall Meeting, on Sunday.

He said, “The difference between rich and poor nations is in their investments in health and education.

“Investments in these key sectors make the difference.”

Obi had, in his presentation, quoted the United Nations Human Development Index as saying Nigeria ranks 163 out of 191 countries on life expectancy and other indices of descent living.

His claim was fact-checked and found to be accurate.

Obi also expressed his desire to form a government of national unity to kick start the process of uniting Nigeria which, he noted, is currently divided in many ways than at any time in Nigeria’s modern history.