I survived being raped by a producer – Jowy Landa


Musician Jowy Landa stopped short of naming a music producer who came close to sexually assaulting her a few years ago.

The singer says this unnamed producer had her in bed in an instant when she went to meet him and that she was only saved by a stranger.

Landa, born Joan Namugerwa says the incident happened back in 2018 just before she officially joined the music business.

At the time she didn’t have music of her own and was just doing covers of other artists’ music.

She says she had a particular producer she had dreamed of working with.

The producer, however, turned out to be a predator when she eventually met her.

“I was taken by a certain promoter to go and meet him. But what I did not know was that both the promoter and producer had other ideas in mind,” Landa said in an interview this week.

“Getting there, the producer told me I looked beautiful and young,” Landa recounted.

“I told him about my ambitions and he said he was going to help me work on a song. He said this while caressing my cheeks.”

Afterward, the singer says the producer told her to rest in bed as he rushed outside to pick something.

Luckily another male staffer came in and told her to run for her life.

“I think I was finished that day,” remarked the artist. “I was so young and innocent, I couldn’t make out what his intentions were.”

To date, having worked under numerous managements, the ‘Wire Wire’ singer says she’s still apprehensive about working with men.

“My younger sister recently told me she wanted to join music and I told her to wait, because I fear for her.”

Landa, who previously worked under Pallaso, is currently managed by Roger Kitaka, popularly known as DJ Roja.