“I will go down as one of the best songwriters ever in Ghana” – Kweku Darlington declares


Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Kweku Darlington has once again accused Ghanaians of not appreciating his talent and contribution to the industry.

Speaking on Onua FM’s Adwuma-Adwuma, the singer, who claimed to be the best lyricist and songwriter among his peers, emphasized that Ghanaians are not appreciating his talent enough

Darlington while using Daddy Lumba as an example, said that the highlife legend suffered the same dismissal during his early days.

“At the time Daddy Lumba started, we didn’t see him as a legend. It is now that we are seeing and appreciating his talent.”

‘As for me, I’m saying it here. Whether you like it or not, Ghanaians and the world are witnessing one of the best songwriters ever in Ghana” he concluded.

However, Kweku Darlington has always claimed that he is the finest songwriter alive.