Kenyan Rapper Dumps Wife Over Alleged Infidelity, Betrayal


Kenyan rapper Stevo popularly known as Simple Boy has opened up about the dissolution of his marriage, citing allegations of infidelity and betrayal.

In a candid interview, the ‘Freshi Barida’ hitmaker revealed the heartbreaking details behind his decision to part ways with his wife.

Stevo recounted the moment when he learned of his wife’s betrayal. “So we grew up living together, so when she went to give birth, one of her family called me and said, Stevo, let us make it clear to you, don’t get angry, they said the child is not mine,” he disclosed, shedding light on the shocking revelation that his wife had conceived a child with another man .

Despite the initial disbelief, Stevo’s narrative suggests a period of reflection and eventual acceptance of the situation.

“I knew about getting pregnant when she went to the hospital, and she was found to be pregnant, but when God guided me, he showed me that this child is not mine, but because I have compassion, I said yes, you were wrong, but let us live together,” he added.

Stevo expressed deep disappointment over his wife’s actions, stressing that he had shown her love and support throughout their marriage. However, her infidelity shattered their relationship irreparably.

The couple, who had initially received support from Mumias East Member of Parliament, including securing a house and household items, had seemed destined for a bright future together.

Reflecting on the sudden change in his wife’s behaviour, Stevo noted that her infidelity was a recent development. Stevo who started seeing her now estranged wife in 2019 says this is a habit she did not have but cropped up along the way.

In light of the revelations, Stevo announced that he is currently single and requested time before considering entering into another relationship.

The news confirms rumours that had been circulating since December 2023 about his wife’s alleged infidelity and secret child.