Nigeria Lead Africa In Global Transfer of Footballers


Nigeria has been ranked as the country with highest number of transfer of players in 2022.

According to the FIFA global transfer report for 2022, the West African country has been ranked as the 7th highest exporter of football talents. Nigeria, which transfered 725 players for $104 million. With 428 players worth $38.3 million, while Ghana came second with 515 players for a total value of $17.4 million.

Ivory Coast finished third on the continent and ninth overall.

These three nations have established themselves as significant exporters of African football talent.

Brazil came out on top globally, exporting 2,061 players worth $843.2 million, followed by Argentina with 1,004 players for $380 million.

It is not surprising to find these South American nations at the top of this list since they have a long history of generating elite football players.

France and Great Britain occupied the third and fourth positions, exporting 921 and 848 players respectively, with values of $591.5 million and $249.7 million.

These countries have also established themselves as major exporters of football talent in recent years.